Want the best “Financial Literacy” or “Personal Finance” education in your curriculum? 

Society falls short in arming kids with the personal finance skills necessary in life.
After high school, many young adults find themselves ill-prepared to budget effectively, avoid debt (or manage it responsibly), and to plan, save & invest for the short-, mid- and long-term.

To address the problem, schools and districts nationwide are wrestling with questions such as: 

  • What’s the right curriculum? 
  • How will students best learn the material?
  • Who has the expertise to teach it?

Children can, and should, learn all about money from an early age. They need:

  • A comprehensive, in-depth education in personal finance.  
  • Taught by the right people, in the right way:
    • Experts need to teach them the most important lessons…
    • Using best practices of active learning that ensure kids truly learn & remember…
    • and actually transform their everyday behaviors.

This is how Startup Smart Kids instills essential knowledge, skills & mindsets, and positively impacts their lives.

Startup Smart Kids is the Flexible Solution

Implement it however you want

Individual Learning 


Small Group Learning


Led by Your Moderator

“Personal Finance in a Box” ™

Why Startup Smart Kids is the Right Choice


Unlike the alternatives, Startup Smart Kids is a complete solution.

  1. You do NOT need to pile this extra workload onto your current teachers, or hire additional staff.
  2. In fact, you (the school) do NOT even have to teach it [although you may or may not choose to supplement our instruction*].
  3. You do NOT have to schedule the instruction into school hours [although you can].
  4. You do NOT have to settle for instructors who aren’t financial experts. 


Startup Smart Kids delivers the best of both worlds:

  1. We do all the work:
    • We’ve created the curriculum, then designed & produced the material. We can do all the teaching, progress-tracking & reporting, quiz- & test-grading or you can designate a moderator.
    • Our hybrid asynchronous + synchronous program includes live Zoom Q&A with the experts.
      • The course can be completed in 5 weeks, but since learning is enhanced when spread out, we recommend 10 weeks. Your school can choose exactly how often you want new video modules released, and depending on the custom box you choose,  students can watch (and re-watch) them whenever they want.
  2. *We provide the school’s staff with teacher’s guides, and extra (individual, small group, and whole class) active learning activities for use with students to further reinforce and apply the learning.
  3. Our program enables every student to learn:
    • at their own pace, or the pace the moderator decides on.
    • at school, or outside of school (or both). 
  4. With a volume discount, our course is less expensive than an in-school teacher. Yet Startup Smart Kids is much more than a teacher, or a curriculum — it’s the complete solution, delivered by financial experts.  

We'll customize your "box" to meet your school's needs

"Working with Startup Smart Kids is a breath of fresh air. The instruction is intentional and geared towards shaping a young entrepreneurial mindset and building a foundation for financial literacy."
- Morgan Smith, Director of Auxiliary Programs -
St. Edward's School

"EVERYBODY should take this course.”
- Sebastian Akinla, freshman majoring in entrepreneurship at
Babson College



At Startup Smart Kids, we take great pride in our team of expert instructional designers & teachers, all of whom possess comprehensive backgrounds in entrepreneurship, business, and finance.

Our esteemed faculty…

  • Earned BAs and PhDs from the world’s most prestigious institutions:
  • Provided expertise as consultants at global leader:
  • Gained experience as entrepreneurs, company founders and business leaders, including at:
  • Earned high ROIs as professional investors, including at:

Our instructors are dedicated to empowering young minds with the knowledge and skills needed for financial success. With their expertise and passion for teaching, they create a dynamic learning environment where young adults can thrive and develop the right understanding of personal finance.


Introduction to Financial Literacy 101


Module 1:  Intro to Saving and Investing

  1. What is Money
  2. Saving Money for Different Goals
  3. The Effect of Daily Habits
  4. Saving + The Power of Compound Interest

Module 2:  Budgeting

  1. What’s a Budget, and its Value
  2. Creating a Personal Budget
  3. Additional Budgeting Advice
  4. Use Budgeting Tools
  5. Set up an “Automatic Savings & Investment Plan”

Module 3:  Loans and Debt

  1. Potential Benefits & Pitfalls of Loans
  2. Good vs. Bad Debt, & How to Avoid Debt Traps
  3. Credit Scores
  4. Credit Cards
  5. Student Loans to Invest in Education

Module 4:  Investing

  1. Introduction to Investing and Main Asset Classes
  2. What Makes a Good Investment
  3. Psychology (Cognitive Biases & Tendencies) in Investing

Module 5:  Investments I – Review of Most Popular Assets

  1. Stocks
  2. Bonds

Module 5:  Investments I – Overview of Most Popular Options

1. Savings/Checking/Money Market accounts
Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
2. Bonds
3. Stocks
4. Mutual Funds
5. Individual
6. Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Module 6:  Investments II – Mutual Funds

Module 7:  Investments III – Alternative Investments

1. Real Estate
2. Private Equity & Venture Capital

Module 8:  Asset Allocation

1. Time Horizon
2. Risk

Module 9:  Financial Planning & Goal Setting

1. The Importance of Financial Goals
2. Steps in Creating a Financial Plan

Module 10:  Creating Your Portfolio and Action Plan

1. Creating Your Portfolio
   -  Choosing One or More Mutual Funds
2. Creating Your Action Plan

Program Features


To ensure an engaging and effective learning experience, our program offers the following features:

Interactive Lessons

Make learning about personal finance exciting and enjoyable with our interactive lessons.

Real-World Applications

Enhance understanding of the practical application of financial concepts through real-life examples and case studies, and active learning activities.

Live Q&A Sessions

Participate in interactive Q&A sessions that offer the chance to engage directly with instructors and peers, ask questions, and deepen understanding.

Progress Tracking

Stay updated on the course progress and celebrate achievements as one advances in the journey of financial literacy.

Engaging Learning Platform

Experience a user-friendly and immersive learning platform that enhances the overall learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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“Thank you, Mummy [for signing us both up].  EVERYBODY should take this course.”
- Sebastian Akinla, freshman majoring in entrepreneurship at
Babson College
“This Startup Smart Kids program is great.... It helps [kids, and parents] put the learnings into practice. The lesson videos were easy to understand, I was able to
speak directly to the instructor [for live Q&A], and the quizzes [and active learning activities] helped me discover things I didn't know. I hope to live free from the pain of money in the future. Thank you for this great course.” 
- Yayoi Kennedy, parent who took the course too
"Working with Startup Smart Kids is a breath of fresh air. The instruction is intentional and geared towards shaping a young entrepreneurial mindset and building a foundation for financial literacy."
- Morgan Smith, Director of Auxiliary Programs -
St. Edward's School
"I learned things I had never heard about. Thank you, thank you for this class. I am going to do this! I am going to save money and start a business of my own."
- Johnny, high-schooler living in a homeless shelter
"I enjoyed learning about various financial topics such as compound interest, saving and entrepreneurship. This course really opened new horizons for me, such as business and investing. I am now starting a business and putting money into investments/index funds."
- Cov Kennedy, middle school student

“As a parent of a teenager, I always worry about my daughter's financial future. I don't want her to end up in debt like me. I wish Startup Smart Kids was around when I was a kid. I would have learned early on how to truly manage my money, and invest. I am so grateful to Robert and Angel for teaching such a needed life skill course.”
- Pam Thompson, parent

“Taking Startup Smart Kids...helped us plan our daughter’s financial future. Thank you.”
- Desiree Sanchez-Meineck, parent who took the course too
“I learned so much! (I particularly loved learning all about compound interest:  it was crazy to me that saving $1 a day can eventually turn into a $Million!) I don't know why Startup Smart Kids’ life-changing information isn't being taught to me and my peers in school.”  
- Maggie Twadorski, HS Junior

Wealth-building begins early, so invest in your kids' financial future today — give them the tools they need now to succeed throughout life.

Enroll in Startup Smart Kids’ Financial Literacy Course and witness the growth and confidence that comes from mastering essential financial skills. Let us join hands in shaping a generation of financially-savvy young adults who are prepared to thrive in an ever-changing economic landscape.


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